DDWA Member Dentist COVID-19 Financial Support


Delta Dental of Washington is working to effectively manage the daily changing environment relating to COVID-19/Coronavirus. Our priority is to keep our employees healthy, while also supporting the needs of our members, dentists and communities. As a result of this situation and most recently the governor’s shelter in place order, you may experience extended hold times when calling customer service, or longer turn-around times on other correspondence or claims. This will not impact our website and we encourage you to use DeltaDentalWA.com for benefit, eligibility, and claim information. You can submit questions via email through the “contact us” link located at the top of each page on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

DDWA Member Dentist COVID-19 Financial Support

Dear Member Dentists,

To support you, our front-line partners in improving oral health, we are launching two programs to provide financial support to Member Dentists – the Delta Dental of Washington (DDWA) Independent Dental Practice Reimbursement Advance Program and the DDWA Independent Dental Practice Assistance Fund. As we continue to see the impact of COVID-19 across our communities, our business and your practices we know you are faced with some very difficult decisions. We, at Delta Dental of Washington, are committed to partnering with you, your practices and families through these unprecedented and unpredictable times.

Please find below an outline of each of our assistance plans. We will be providing additional detail on each program including how to apply and the timeline for payments by no later than Monday March 30th. Please continue to watch our website DeltaDentalWA.com/provider for updates and we will send another communication when the details of each program are finalized.

DDWA Independent Dental Practice Reimbursement Advance Program (RAP)

With the Governor’s order to halt all dental services with exception of emergency and urgent needs through May 18th, we recognize there will be significant ongoing financial strain on all practices throughout the state. The Delta Dental of Washington Independent Dental Practice Reimbursement Advance Program (RAP) is intended to provide a base-level of practice cashflow to help cover the fixed costs of a practice. The RAP will consider the average DDWA clinical reimbursement payments from 2019 and will advance future clinical reimbursement payments to DDWA Member Dentist practices for eight weeks. These advance payments will be recovered in small increments later in 2020 as practices begin to provide treatment once again. This program is voluntary, and all interested Member Dentists will need to apply.

The RAP will be available to Delta Dental Member Dentists in independent practice with a clean credit/payment history with DDWA on any reimbursement refunds owed to DDWA. Applications will be approved based on our review of the applications and completion of any follow-up process.

  • The RAP will begin to advance payments of clinical reimbursements for an eight-week period that begins within one to two weeks of the application approval (approval should take approximately one week).
  • Weekly advances will supplement any ongoing reimbursement payments, e.g., DeltaCare payments.
  • Advances will equal 25% of the average weekly DDWA clinical reimbursement payments made to the practice’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) during 2019. The cumulative advances to any one TIN will not exceed $25,000.
  • The cumulative advance will be repaid without any interest by the receiving practice in 20 equal weekly payments to DDWA beginning July 1, 2020.

DDWA Independent Dental Practice Assistance Fund (PAF)

Through the PAF, DDWA intends to assist the independent dental practices in Washington state that have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and do not have a sufficiently strong financial position to reasonably sustain the practice through the recommended closure. The PAF will provide up to $10 Million in grants to DDWA Member Dentist Practices. Individual grants will range in size up to a maximum of $15,000 per TIN. Applications will be approved based on individual practice need and practice-specific criteria. Examples of criteria we will consider are listed below. Grants will be made by Tax Identification Number (TIN), one grant per TIN to privately-owned dental practices. Member Dentists will be able to apply for a PAF grant by completing an online application that we are in the process of developing.

Example PAF Grant Criteria:

  • Time in practice: Newly launched practices have had less time to establish a strong financial position and may have large loans from practice acquisition or start up.
  • Practices with recently graduated dentists and staff: Supporting Member Dentists and staff with debt from dental education.
  • Practices with Recent Expansions: Supporting practices that have recently taken on new facilities, equipment and team members to provide increased access for dental care.
  • Rural Practices: Small communities are likely to be heavily impacted and have less of a community safety net.
  • Staff size: Practices with many long-term team members will have a higher burden to carry through the closures.
  • Credit history: A clean credit/payment history with DDWA on any reimbursement refunds owed to DDWA.

We recognize that the impact of COVID-19 will be felt by all practices across the state. We ask that practices with stronger financial condition access other means of support for their practices. A list of these other resources has been created and published to our website and we will keep the resource list up to date as the State and Federal Governments add support for small businesses.

We will be communicating additional information about the DDWA financial assistance programs over the next week. Please continue to watch our website DeltaDentalWA.com/Provider for updates and we will send another communication when the details of each program are finalized.

In the meantime, if you have additional ideas about how DDWA can support its Member Dentists through this time of uncertainty, please send your ideas to AskMark@DeltaDentalWA.com.

I am optimistic that we will get through this trying time together.


Mark Mitchke
President & CEO
Delta Dental of Washington

Brad Berg
Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Delta Dental of Washington

Cindy Snyder
Vice President of Network Strategy
Delta Dental of Washington

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