Peak Incentive - Producer Newsletter | Delta Dental of Washington

Peak Incentive - Producer Newsletter | Delta Dental of Washington

We’re excited to share our newest small group plan with you!

Delta Dental of Washington Peak Incentive Plan

For the employers that encourage wellness, and for the employees looking to achieve it, we have great news. Our new Delta Dental PPO - Peak Incentive plan is just what you need. 

Groups with 51-99 employees can now offer an innovative, incentive-based dental plan that provides the maximum annual benefit level starting at enrollment for enrollees and their dependents.  This member-friendly approach eliminates the need to “earn” the way to higher benefit levels like other incentive plans. All enrollees have to do is get dental care once each benefit year. It’s easy for the enrollees to maintain their max benefits, and it’s great for companies that understand the benefits of healthy employees (reduced costs on major dental procedures, fewer sick days, and more productivity.)

Here’s how it works:
  • Enrollees start at the highest maximum coinsurance level, enjoying rich benefits from day one
  • The plan encourages regular dental visits – at least once each benefit year – for preventive, restorative, or major dental service
  • Enrollees pay the lowest coinsurance as long as they see their dentist each year for any covered treatment (other than Orthodontics and TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint)

If your group has 51-99 employees, moving over to our new Peak Incentive PPO plan is easy. Find out your cost by running a quote in our Online Proposal tool, or by contacting your sales representative.  

Download sales sheet.

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