Delta Dental PPO℠—Options

Delta Dental PPO℠—Options

The Delta Dental PPO – Options Plan is a single plan for small groups that features two distinct plan options from which participating employees may select.

Cost is often a key driver in many employers’ dental benefits decisions. It can be a challenge to offer robust dental plans with limited budgets. This is a PPO plan that gives employers the ability to offer their employees choice when it comes to selecting their dental coverage. It allows employees to choose coverage based on their personal oral health needs.

Delta Dental PPO – Options Core provides low-cost coverage of preventive and restorative care while omitting the Class III benefits that younger employees are less likely to use.

Delta Dental PPO – Options Plus is designed for employees who have greater oral care needs and prefer the added support richer benefits offer.

Selecting Options Plus:

  • Extends Class II coverage
  • Adds Class III coverage
  • Waives accumulation of Class I services against the plan annual maximum
  • Doubles the per member calendar year annual maximum
  • Includes orthodontia coverage for Adults and Dependent Children (for group size 10 – 99)

The minimum employer contribution requirement is only 50% of the Options Core plan premium, regardless of the employee’s coverage choice. It places the decision to “spend more to get more” in the hands of employees, who are in the best position to determine the coverage level that’s right for them.

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