Small Business Dental Plans

Small Business Dental Plans


Why Dental?

Dental benefits are officially a “must-have” employee benefit. It’s because over time, science has uncovered the true connection between oral health and overall health. Today, the average consumer views regular dental checkups to be just as important as other healthy lifestyle activities. But how do you begin to explain that to your customers who don’t understand the value of dental benefits?

Dental is an Attractive Benefit

At the end of the day, dental is a subsidy given from employers to employees to help them maintain their best oral and overall health. On the other side of that coin, employees often see dental as pre-paid care provided by their employer.

Dental Impacts Health Outcomes

Dental health is a key part of overall health. Around 72 percent of consumers say oral health contributes to their overall well well-being by improving confidence, and the majority of consumers take their dental checkups just as seriously as other health checkups.

Dental Prevents Coverage Gaps

For your customers on a mission to provide an overall health solution to employees, it is crucial to include dental. Dental covers oral health checkups and other dental procedures that most medical plans don’t cover.

Why Delta?

Since 1954, Delta Dental has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes provide best-in-class dental benefits to their employees. If you choose to represent Delta Dental, you can feel confident that you and your customers are working with the experts in dental care and services.

Best-In-Class Dental Solution

We pride ourselves on being a truly dedicated to dental. With that being said, our dental plans come with a focus on preventive dental care. We empower members to get the most out of their benefits with online tools like our CostGenie estimator and Find a Dentist tool.

Broad Range of Dental Plans

We offer the richest and biggest variety of dental plans that are designed to meet any budget and any need. Your customers can choose from over eight unique plans.

Best Access to Dental Care

Delta Dental delivers the best access to dental care and provides employees with the most choice and flexibility. For example, we provide network discounts so that PPO members can see providers in our premier network. There is no balance billing and we handle the paperwork.

Plans for Every Need

Delta Dental

Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental PPO
Voluntary Standard

Delta Dental PPO
Voluntary Enhanced

Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental
Simple Choice

Delta Dental PPO
Peak Incentive (51-99 EEs)

Delta Dental

Cost to Employer

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Plan Benefits

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