Small Business Dental Plans

Small Business Dental Plans


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Dental is Essential

Today, the average consumer views regular dental checkups to be just as important as a visit to their doctor. Which means, dental coverage is officially a “must-have” benefit for employees. As the experts in dental benefits, we can give you all the info you need to describe the value of oral health to your customers?

Why Dental?

Dental benefits are officially a “must-have” employee benefit. It’s because over time, science has uncovered the true connection between oral health and overall health. Today, the average consumer views regular dental checkups to be just as important as other healthy lifestyle activities. But how do you begin to explain that to your customers who don’t understand the value of dental benefits?

Dental is Attractive to Employers

When your clients invest in dental coverage, you reap the benefits! Because quality dental care shows employees that your clients care about their overall health and wellbeing. Healthy smiles lead to an increase in productivity and profit as well as higher customer satisfaction for your clients. And that’ll keep them coming back to you year after year.

Dental Impacts Employee Satisfaction

Dental health is a key to overall health. How important? Well, the majority of consumers take their dental checkups just as seriously as other health checkups. And nearly 72 percent say oral health contributes to their overall wellbeing.

Dental Prevents Coverage Gaps

If your clients are on a mission to provide an overall health solution for their employees, it is crucial that they include dental. Dental covers oral health checkups and other procedures that most medical plans don’t cover. This will result in long-term employee satisfaction, positive morale, and success down the line.

Why Delta Dental of Washington?

Since 1954, Delta Dental has been recognized as the leader in oral health and dental benefits. If you choose to represent Delta Dental, you can feel confident that you are providing your clients with best-in-class dental care and customer service.

Best-In-Class Dental Solution

We pride ourselves on being truly dedicated to caring for our members’ smiles. Which is why our dental plans come with a focus on preventive dental care. And we strive to empower members to get the most out of their benefits with our easy-to-use online portal, MySmile®, and our Cost Estimator tool. Don’t forget about our dedicated team of customer service representatives based right here in Washington, ready to answer any question you or your clients may have!

Broad Range of Dental Plans

With 5 unique plans to choose from, we offer the widest variety of coverage designed to meet any budget and every need. Which means your clients can be in control every step of the way.

Best Access to Dental Care

Delta Dental delivers the best access to dental care and provides employees with the most choice and flexibility. For example, we provide network discounts so that PPO™ members can see providers in our premier network. There is no balance billing and we handle the paperwork.

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