Cybersecurity Program FAQ

Cybersecurity Program FAQ

The protection and security of our group and member data is a top priority for us.

To safeguard and actively protect our groups and members against cyber threats, we have changed the way we store sensitive data in our system.

Effective mid-Q2 2019, we will not store or display Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in our system and will only use the last 4 digits in outgoing extracts and reports.

All SSNs will be encrypted and only the last 4 digits used for data matching purposes.  We won’t provide full SSNs on external extracts or reports.

Client teams and vendors who manage this data have options available to support data matching moving forward.

If you have further questions or concerns about this process, please contact your Account Representative.  We’re happy to discuss your situation in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: Will you still accept SSN’s in eligibility and claims files?

A: Yes, we will continue to accept SSNs that are included on files.  However, once we receive the files, we will encrypt those numbers for storage in our system.  We will not store SSNs in our system.   

Q: If someone calls into the Call Center and provides their SSN, can you look them up?

A: Yes, SSN’s are tied to that member’s information.  However, we will not display their SSNs on any screens.  

Q: Can you still accept Member SSNs in the IVR?

A: Yes, members can provide their SSN to us in the IVR.  However, we will not store SSNs in the IVR call log.

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