Covid Premium Relief FAQ

Covid Premium Relief FAQ

How do you calculate the Premium relief?

To calculate the premium relief, we take the ‘Current Census’ from your prior month’s invoice x 25%. See details here.

How will this Premium relief affect my group and individual plan renewals?

For all active groups and individual plans, rate relief will be applied to the applicable regular rates for all months, July through October, regardless of the renewal month. Once the relief time-period is over the premiums will return to pooled rates or negotiated terms.

How will premium relief affect my quoted rates for new groups and Individual & Family between July and October?

Rate relief will be applied from the initial effective date through October.
For example, if the plan effective date is September, the rate relief from quoted rates will remain in effect through October only.

Will my commission be lowered to match the premiums relief percentage?

We will not reduce any broker commissions for the relief period July 1 – October 1, though our systems may result in broker payments at the lower rate during this period followed by a “catch-up” payment at the end of the period.

When will this premium relief show on invoices?

Most groups will see their premium relief reflected on the invoice they receive in June for July coverage. We will work directly with self-bill and other non-traditional billing groups for other arrangements. Individual policyholders will receive an adjustment on their June bill.

Will this relief be extended beyond four months?

The relief has been approved by the OIC for July, August, September and October 2020 at this time.

Are all Delta Dental of Washington plans offering this relief?

No, Qualified Dental Plans (QDPs) and DeltaCare®, our DHMO plan, are not included.

Are Delta Dental of Washington Medicare Advantage plans administered by Kaiser Permanente of Washington included in this relief program?

Yes, these plans will see relief applied to their invoices from KPWA.

My client purchased a plan on the Health Benefit Exchange – why don’t they get a reduction in premiums?

Unlike our other plans, the dental benefit plans on the Health Benefit Exchange (known as Washington Healthplanfinder, the WAHBE or the “Exchange”), are called Qualified Dental Plans. They are certified once per year by the Exchange Board, typically in August or September of the year before they are effective. Unfortunately, at this time, the Exchange Board does not have a mechanism in place to allow us to change our rates.

Please contact your client management team if you need further help or have other questions.

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