Dental Insurance Plans - Large Group | Delta Dental of Washington

Dental Insurance Plans - Large Group | Delta Dental of Washington

Our large group plans are designed for groups of 100 or more employees.

Our large group plans and options provide valuable dental benefits to help attract and retain employees. They focus on prevention and are designed to minimize barriers to care through the largest dental networks. We offer and support fully-insured and self-funded plans, locally or nationally.

Our dedicated client management teams provide responsive support and deliver superior value to employers. We provide reporting and support to help encourage use of coverage.

In addition to excellent coverage, our members also gain access to our powerful, easy-to-use online tools. With a MySmile® account, employees can find a participating dentist, view their coverage, get out-of-pocket cost estimates, print ID cards, and more.

Here are our high-level large group plan summaries:

Delta Dental PPO℠

This is our most popular design and network. The preferred provider plan (PPO) network delivers comprehensive dental coverage including preventive, restorative and major treatments. The PPO network is slightly smaller than the Delta Dental Premier network, but offers a larger discount on treatments.

Delta Dental Premier®

This plan delivers a comprehensive benefit design comparable to our Delta Dental PPO plan, plus maximized access to participating dental providers. Delta Dental Premier is the largest network in Washington State and nationwide.


A DeltaCare managed care plan is an affordable way to offer generous benefits to employees. DeltaCare plans come with a variety of coverage levels, copays, and premiums to choose from. All DeltaCare plans cover preventive services at 100% and have fixed copays for non-preventive services. Employees also get the freedom to choose a Primary Care Dentist (PCD), also known as Primary Care Providers (PCP), from the largest managed care dental network in Washington. DeltaCare makes it easy and predictable for employees to take care of their smiles.

Give us a call to learn more about us, our plans and how we can work for you.

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